Dr. Denise Pope: The Well-Balanced Student

The SMUHSD and the Peninsula Parent Speakers Series Bring You...
Dr. Denise Pope: The Well-Balanced Student 
Tuesday November 14th, 7:00-8:30pm
Performing Arts Center, 600 N Delaware St, San Mateo

Today’s high-pressure, fast-paced culture can interfere with healthy child development. When we are too focused on test scores, performance, and grades, we may deny our students the time and energy they need to effectively tackle the demanding work of growing up. This presentation will examine the tensions that can occur between students, parents, and educators over issues such as homework, grades, and the culture of competition. We’ll offer parents research-based strategies to create healthier home and school environments. 

In this presentation, you will learn: 

  • How students today are coping- or not- with the academic pressure they face 
  • Ways you can reduce academic stress without sacrificing achievement or engagement in school 
  • Strategies to increase resilience, creativity, and well-being for your child 

Dr. Pope is a three-time recipient of the Stanford University Graduate School of Education Outstanding Teacher and Mentor Award. She has been featured on CNN, World News Tonight, the Today Show, NPR, among other television and radio programs. Secure your ticket in advance at:  http://denisepopeppss.bpt.me/. For more information about Denise Pope and Challenge Success visit http://www.challengesuccess.org.